Omix Technologies has innovated mass spectrometry-based workflows to provide quantitative proteomics and metabolomics analyses with supreme throughput, accuracy, and precision. These techniques provide unprecedented insight into complex biological systems, providing unique perspectives for the development and improvement of biological products.  


Blood Products

From transfusion medicine (e.g., red blood cell and platelet storage) to blood farming to the role of blood cells and blood-derived therapeutics in health and disease, we provide cutting edge technologies for the design and development of novel blood storage strategies and blood-based therapeutic interventions. Read more here.

Regenerative Medicine

From organ regeneration to stem cell expansion for clinical application, our technology provides qualitative and quantative characterization of the organ extracellular matrix to inform development and quality control of next generation biomedical products for regenerative medicine. Read more here.

Personalized Medicine

Proteomics and metabolomics are closer to the phenotype than genomics and transcriptomics, the latter of which have been heavily utilized for recent advancements in Personalized Medicine. As we expand our understanding of the roles that biological variability and environmental factors play in health and disease, our high-throughput approaches make it feasible to apply next-gen Omix to clinical workflows thus providing clues for the development and repurposing of pharmaceutical products. Read more here.